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Scheduled Power Outages
The campus community is advised that due to necessary maintenance and preventative repairs and upon the advice of our electrical consultants, a portion of the Murray State campus will be without power on Thursday, October 6, and Friday, October 7, during the University's fall break. Information on which buildlings will be affected can be found online. Another outage is scheduled for Thanksgiving, with information becoming available over the next few months.


Email Security Alert from MSU Information Systems
Due to several recent email scams and phishing attacks, MSU Information Systems is requesting that all students, faculty, and staff change their email passwords. This should be done by going to myGate and using the Account Services section on the Home tab.

After changing your MSU email password, users who also use a third-party device or app like iOS Mail or Microsoft Outlook will need to change a security setting in their Google account. Instructions for doing so are on our Support Site: https://support.murraystate.edu/default.asp?id=2064

It is recommended that you review your current account security by signing into your Murray State Google account and visiting https://security.google.com/settings/security/secureaccount. While reviewing that, you should consider turning on 2-step verification. For more information and assistance with 2-step verification, go to https://www.google.com/landing/2step/.

Over the last several months, many Murray State email accounts have been compromised, likely due to several phishing email scams from earlier this summer. External entities have been systematically accessing various @murraystate.edu email accounts and using them to send spam and phishing emails. This access also allows them to read your email. MSU Information Systems personnel have suspended all known compromised accounts.

In addressing this situation, MSU Information Systems would like to remind users that any email that asks you to verify or submit your personal information, password, or any other type of login information is likely a scam. Murray State University will never ask you for your credentials through email.

Information on identifying phishing scams is on our Support Site (https://support.murraystate.edu/default.asp?id=2039), as well as information on previous phishing email attempts (https://support.murraystate.edu/default.asp?id=2063).



University Calendar

The new University Event calendar can be found at http://www.murraystate.edu/calendar/.

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