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Protect Your Identity! Phone Phishing Scam & Email Phishing Scam

PHONE PHISHING SCAM: Several Murray State users have reported receiving phone calls to their MSU office phones, with the phone call appearing to come from a Murray State University phone number. The automated voice asks the caller to stay on the line to talk about changing their insurance company. Murray State University will never call you to change this type of information. MSU's Open Enrollment period for insurance is in October, and email and other official communication will be sent to each individual with options. Be cautious when giving out your personal information. If you receive a call or email that appears to be a scam or phishing for information, you can report it in our Service Catalog.

EMAIL PHISHING SCAM: On Thursday morning, many MSU users received an email with the subject line "Service Desk - Important update for (email address)". The email claimed that RacerMail servers had been updated for security purposes, and asked users to click a blue button to update their account. If you received this email and clicked the button, please change your password immediately inside myGate. If you ever receive an email and question the validity of it, contact the MSU Service Desk at 270-809-2346. You can use the Service Catalog to report a phishing email, or learn how to identify a phishing scam.

System Alerts:

Scheduled Voice Mail Maintenance

The voice mail system will be unavailable due to maintenance on Saturday, 9/23/2017 from 6am until 9am. This includes voice mail on individual phones, as well as any recorded messages such as the the one that answers the main university number: (800) 272-4678.