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myGate Information


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Project Overview


Bringing myGate to functional status has taken, and will continue to take, a lot of campus-wide effort. The two graphics below help explain the overall concept of the project, and the timeline of events.


Understanding how each of the pieces of this project work together is important for all campus users. The Finance, Human Resources, Financial Aid, and Student modules are Banner products. Banner is a product of SunGard Higher Education. We choose to access the functionality of the modules through a customizable portal called Luminis. As single sign-on functionality is added, subsystem resources will be integrated and accessible through the portal. All of this will interact seamlessly and be called myGate.


Scheduling for this project is in a constant state of change, but this graphic represents the general expectations of the Core Team. Even after the last module goes live, work will continue in an effort to increase the functionality of the entire myGate system, as well as integrate additional resources through single sign-on capabilities.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send an e-mail to one of the team members linked on the Contacts page.